Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Friend-engagement day!!

This event actually happened (betul ker ayat aku ni)..on 6th Dec 2008. Location, person name and will not publish here, worried for any reason after. I have been invite to her house for accompany her and future husband dia(actually I have to be at the otherside..hehehe..not enough people)..while for another task given by her to taking photo during the engagement time. Me??? taking photo.???.poyo jer.. pandai ker aku nak snapshot ni..memula a bit excited ..yer la never been a photographer for any occasion(beside family punya event la..I have capture photo also for my younger sister wedding that day)..
That event actually a bit late from the actuall time planning..waiting someone..rearrange everything to make it the planning smoth. Just look at the outcame.


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Rohaiza said...

hmmm what a nice photo...