Friday, July 9, 2010

No wonder la. saya hari cam kacau bilau gitu..tgk ni..notice dari scapping ni..

We have recently been contacted by PhotoBucket (which is the site we use to upload ALL our layouts and previews to create the code you use to post our templates to your blog) about us uploading our images to their site. Apparently our site has become very popular and the hits that photobucket is receiving on our account alone is to much. They are saying we need to convert to a "Business Account" and to do that we have to pay $25 dollars a month PLUS .10 cents for every GB we use over 50GB. They estimate our usage to be $430 a month. Since we are a FREE site and don't make any money off of our layouts we are unsure on how to keep Scrappin' Blogs from going under. Photobucket themselves are being very kind and working with us on trying to figure out a solution but we are afraid we are going to have to find a new server for our images which means we lose ALL our codes to ALL our layouts. We are trying frantically to figure out a way to save all of the layouts you use on your blogs. We have worked really hard in making our site perfect and to come into a problem like this just devastates us...
We are unsure as to WHEN our codes and links will be removed from PhotoBucket but PLEASE continue to follow us so that you can get updates as to when and where you can find our layouts again.
Thank you ALL for your support you give to Scrappin' Blogs! Any advice or ideas on saving Scrappin' Blogs would be greatly appreciated!! If you know of a great server site that is fairly inexpensive please let us know! We would love to hear any and all ideas!
Thanks again!


NuR Pu3 said...

xpe kak, kita serupa uhuu..

zarina said...

tu la saya punya pun sama

Sally said...

heheh..nasib ler

welcome...hehhe penat nak betul kan balik kan!